Cécile Smetana works across photographic genres, with a background in documentary photography and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Cécile was part of the Joop World Press Masterclass 2020 and is currently working on "Great Expectations", a series about Anna and Thea, two identical twin sisters growing up on the island of Funen, Denmark. The project is supported by National Geographic.

She has worked with Le Monde M, The New Yorker,  Vogue Italia, L’uomo Vogue, National Geographic,

I-D Magazine, British Journal of Photography, TIME, Newsweek and Garageism among others.

Her work has been exhibited at Unseen, Amsterdam 2019, Aperture foundation - The New Black Vanguard 2019, Photo Vogue Festival 2017 and again in 2019 in  Milano and at Red hook Gallery: Labs New Artists in 2017 and again in 2019, New York City and many more.


+45 26333510


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